Home Invasion: 5 Ways To Prevent One

The fear of invasion has been something that has plagued humans since society first began. We build our homes to suit our needs,  so we feel safe within their walls. It’s an unfortunate fact that when bad people see others live happily, they think they deserve what the other person has. For most families, this is one of the scariest things they can think of. In this article, we will discuss how you can defend you and yours from the villains who wish to do you harm. 

1. Be Prepared

When we get lulled into complacency, we let our guard drop. That often leads to a lack of preparation for emergencies. You and your family must have a strategy for when the unwelcome guests arrive. Take some time to go through all of the exits with your family. Set a rendezvous point a reasonable distance away or at a neighbors house. Prepare a word or phrase and run a drill to ensure that when the time comes, your family will be safe if the unthinkable happens. It’s a scary situation, but immensely better than the alternative.

2. Information is Your Best Weapon

In life or death situations, guns and knives will stack the odds in your favor considerably. However, either of those things is nothing if you are knocked out from behind because you rushed in. Try to figure out how many people there are by listening to voices and sounds of movement. Consider taking advantage of the wide selection of security cameras on the market. Most current models will immediately upload the footage to your secure server online, making sure that it is untouchable by anyone but you or the police. If you speak to the intruder, do not give them any information they can use against you. (Home Alone, Valuables, Children, etc.)

3. Do Not Immediately Confront the Intruder

When someone dares to threaten the people we care about; things get heated fast. But your priority in ensuring that the people you love are safe and that you keep a level head. Once everyone is safe, you should call for help and try to escape before confronting the intruder. Let them know you know they are there and that you have called the authorities. Upon hearing this, they may try to escape. If they do, let them. Whatever ensures your safety is the most important.

4. If You Have to Attack, Try to Attack from a Distance

Most intruders will flee when they notice that they aren’t alone. However, we hear stories every day about how homeowners have been forced to defend themselves. In that situation, it is best to attack with a ranged weapon. Find cover, preferably with a solid wall to your back to keep from any surprises. Let the burglar know you are armed, and they have until you finish this sentence to leave. If they don’t heed your warnings and continue to try to harm you or your family, then you must do what you need to do to survive.

5. Most Importantly, Stay Calm.

Even the worst situations have been fixed by quick-thinking from a still mind. If you can reduce the panic and shock you are feeling; you will be able to see opportunities and openings to take back control. The intruder most likely didn’t count on you being there. While you are calm, they will be acting irrationally. They will make a mistake, and you will take back your home and dispatch the intruder. All you have to do is be calm.


While it is a terrifying prospect, it is not impossible to protect your home from invaders. If you have a plan and can remain calm, you have nothing to fear. You have the home-field advantage, and the intruder doesn’t have a chance.